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Delicate and peachy-keen


Have you ever felt content simply by holding a glass of wine? Solivino was made with this goal in mind: to give you the experience of perfect ease, low-key peace of mind, and the kind of mellow happiness that comes with maturity. Grown and matured in France, where sparkling wine is paired with almost every meal, Solivino is delicate, lean, and blended with peach flavor to give you a don’t-worry-be-happy vibe wherever you decide to take it. Enjoy a soft bouquet of white peach, yellow apple, biscuit, and white flowers.


The wild story of French sparklers


Many historical accounts will tell you that Dom Perignon created sparkling wine, but this is a myth. He was a passionate winemaker, but he actually didn’t like bubbly at first. At the time, many wines of France were coming out carbonated, while others weren’t, and no one understood why. What’s worse: they couldn’t control the carbonation, and bottles were exploding in the cellars of France. Many winemakers wore fencing masks to protect them from being blinded by the explosions! Eventually, scientists figured out what was happening, and we grew to love our sparkling wine to this very day.


A perfect charcuterie wine


If you’re thinking of making a snack board of any kind, Solivino is the perfect wine to open. Whether you’re building a brunch board with flapjacks, bacon, and an assortment of fruit, a classic charcuterie board with salamis, cheese, and olives, or just breaking the chips and candy out and throwing it on a plate, Solivino is the perfect supporting wine.

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