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A sparkler for your sweet tooth


If you love the best of both worlds—wine and sweets—then Exottle is made for you. Grown in the cool vineyards of France, this wine is balanced by high acidity, fine bubbles, and a touch of sweetness on the palate to give it a little more oomph than your average sparkling wine. It will make you feel as magical and sparkly as Cinderella’s dress when her fairy Godmother does her a solid and turns her rags into a glittering gown.


Look for a semi-sweet bouquet of yellow apple and prickly pear, brioche and honeysuckle.


“Sparkles” in French


Many historical accounts will tell you that Dom Perignon created sparkling wine, but this is a myth. He was a passionate winemaker, but he actually didn’t like bubbly at first. At the time, many wines of France were coming out carbonated, while others weren’t, and no one understood why. What’s worse: they couldn’t control the carbonation, and bottles were exploding in the cellars of France. Many winemakers wore fencing masks to protect them from being blinded by the explosions! Eventually, scientists figured out what was happening, and we grew to love our sparkling wine to this very day.


Try it with dessert

Exottle is sparkling and slightly sweet, why not try it with your favorite sweet and savory combo? The best dinners balance both, after all. We recommend pear and goat cheese flatbread, cinnamon french toast with berries, sweet potato casserole, or strawberry almond salad.

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