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Pairs perfectly with New Year’s Day


Chimera Tail is a French sparkling wine blended with natural grapefruit, so if you’re still in a celebratory mood on the first day of the year, you can toast til your heart’s content with this tart, refreshing afternoon sipper. With tart grapefruit, white flowers, and pear, this glass of bubbly has a lot of personality. Pair it with reflecting, setting new intentions, laughing with friends, or your favorite New Year’s meal.


Sparkling wine myths busted


Many historical accounts will tell you that Dom Perignon created sparkling wine, but this is a myth. He was a passionate winemaker, but he actually didn’t like bubbly at first. At the time, many wines of France were coming out carbonated, while others weren’t, and no one understood why. What’s worse: they couldn’t control the carbonation, and bottles were exploding in the cellars of France. Many winemakers wore fencing masks to protect them from being blinded by the explosions! Eventually, scientists figured out what was happening, and we grew to love our sparkling wine to this very day.


Pair it with breakfast for dinner

Whether you’re having breakfast for dinner—or breakfast for breakfast—Chimera Tail will delight and most importantly, wash down. Chase your favorite breakfast meals with it like blueberry pancakes, sausage, sweet potato hash, or eggs benedict. You won’t be sorry.

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